Bobcat Innovators Group (BIG)

The Bobcat Innovators Group (“BIG”) is for innovators, entrepreneurs, and social difference-makers.

“Ask a BIG” will connect you with the best Bobcat alumni innovator and friends of ours who can help you with advice and introductions.

You ask. They answer.

Ohio University alumni love helping students and fellow alumni. So what’s one question you have for an alum who’s done what’s ahead of you?

“It was incredibly easy to get help from alumni with my startup idea. And one is now an advisor!”
Angel Cunningham
“I wasn’t quite sure if I’d hear back on my basic question. But I got two responses and they were super helpful.”
Johanna Watts

How does it work?

You ask for advice.

Need help with an idea or active startup? Wondering about career options?

We recruit.

Our technology (powered by Protopia) uses AI to find the best, available experts to answer you.

Get answers.

We “hunt” until you have one or more responses. Delivered right to your email inbox.

Say ‘Thank you.’

Build your network by thanking the alum and connecting with her further (such as via LinkedIn).

Need inspiration?

“Hello, there! My name is Antoine and majoring in physics and pursuing an entrepreneurship certificate. I’m currently working on developing a physical product. I would love advice from innovators and help identifying resources or programs that could help with this venture, particularly the manufacturing aspects. Thank you so much!”

“Hi! My name is Gloria and I’m a business major who has always been interested in starting my own business. I came up with an idea for an app related to college and professional athletes in all sports. I have written a rough, but detailed business plan with my idea, but I am not sure what my next step should be. I’m hoping to get some advice from entrepreneurs who were once in my shoes! Thanks in advance.”

“I am Willow, and I will be graduating with a degree in chemistry and a certificate in entrepreneurship. I work part time at a firm that helps clients find funding to drive improved health and fitness. We are starting a new contract with an org that will probably require us to subcontract with other people/orgs. We are in desperate need of advice related to insurance, payroll, contracts and other professional services. We would love to talk to small (but larger than us) firms who have found cost effective ways of meetings these needs. Thank you for your assistance!”

Go ahead and ask

It has never been simpler to get help from others that have done what’s ahead of you. Seriously.

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